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Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Specialists

Specializing in Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning. We Clean Restaurant Hoods throughout Florida In Accordance To NFPA Code 96 And Provide Before & After Photos Every time. Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning is the process when a Professional Company is hired to Remove the Grease that has Accumulated inside of the Hoods, Fans, Filters and Ducts of Commercial Exhaust Systems. If left Uncleaned, Kitchen Hood Systems will Accumulate enough Grease to become an Extreme Fire Hazard. Superior-Clean Services Restaurant Hood Systems as well as other Florida Commercial Kitchen Services like Restaurant Exhaust Fan Maintenance,  Restaurant Equipment Detailing, Commercial Fan Hinge Kit Installations, Access Panel Installations, Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning, Fan Belt Replacement, Bearing and Motor Installations.


Kitchen Hood Cleaning in Florida


Your Kitchen Hood, also known as your Kitchen Exhaust System, is a significant tool for food safety. Not only is it responsible for removing fumes and smoke, but it also helps in protecting you from fire hazards. Ultimately, this device keeps the air fresh in your Commercial Kitchen. 


Given how important your kitchen hood is, it is no surprise why it requires proper maintenance and cleaning. So, how often

should it be cleaned? If you want to know, then you have come to the right place. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.


Why the Need to Clean Your Florida Kitchen Hood & Exhaust


Keep in mind that the hood or exhaust tends to develop grease residue, especially after being used for a very long time. The different kind of food also plays a role in this narrative. Basically, they all use varying amounts of oils, which can determine the thickness and rate of grease build-up. If you do not consider regular Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning in Florida, the build-up will soon affect your exhaust systems overall performance by slowing down the Exhaust Fan Rotation, Wearing Down Your Fan Belt or throwing your Exhaust Fan Blades off balance. Eventually, the quality of your workplace will soon be affected. The Last thing any Restaurant Owner wants to do is Temporarily Close the Doors Due to a Fire or a Broken Exhaust Fan in FL.


How Often You Need To Clean Your Kitchen Hood & Exhaust


A general rule of thumb when it comes to cleaning your FL kitchen exhaust is every three months. However, this can depend on a handful of factors. For instance, exhaust systems that are over charcoal- or wood-burning stoves require cleaning at least every month. According to the National Fire Protection Association, there are cleaning frequencies that need to be followed:


  • Hamburger and/or fast food restaurants (including 24-hour establishments) – Every 30 days

  • Cafeterias, hotels, hospital kitchens, and high traffic restaurants – Every 90 days

  • Pizza Places and Average Restaurants  – Every 180 days

  • Seasonal Accounts, Senior Centers, Pre-School Hood (e.g. soup vats, steam kettles, dishwashers, etc.) – Yearly


Kitchen Hood & Exhaust Cleaning Steps


The steps included in the process of each kitchen hood cleaning in Florida are pretty straightforward. They are detailed below:


Removing the Hood Filters - We will soak the filters in an eco-friendly degreaser if there is heavy grease buildup to loosen up the grease for steam cleaning later on. Once the filters are out of the way we begin the wrapping process. 

Wrapping the hood - Our Wrap technique is definitely the Best in the Industry. We insure no spills during our Kitchen Hood Cleaning meaning no messy floors. Florida is Extremely Strict when it comes to the grease collected after an Exhaust System is cleaned so we do our absolute best to contain our waste and dispose of it Properly. We Do Not discharge the waste water down your parking lot, all waste water will be processed through the onsite grease trap.

Applying Degreaser - Starting at your Exhaust Fan we degrease the Entire System from Top to Bottom to ensure your Duct Cleaning is in Compliance with NFPA Code 96 and FL Hood Cleaning Laws. The Exhaust Duct and Exhaust Fan always build up more grease than what is visible under the Kitchen Hood. Once The Exhaust Fan and Exhaust Duct are thoroughly Degreased one of our Technicians will begin Degreasing the Kitchen Hood from inside the Facility. Degreasing the Kitchen Exhaust System is done with High Foam so you can literally see the grease being eaten away.

Scraping The Ducts - Not only is degreasing the Kitchen Exhaust Duct Important during your FL Hood Cleaning but, Hand Scraping the grease is an equally important element of any Kitchen Hood Cleaning. We have the proper Tools, Techniques and Chemicals to ensure any Kitchen Hood in Florida can be cleaned to Bare Metal. We Clean Every Inch of Every Accessible Area of your Exhaust Ducts. Every Kitchen Exhaust System is 100% Accessible with the Correct Approach. If the Customer is Willing, Superior-Clean has the capability to install Access Panels Throughout the Kitchen Exhaust Duct to gain access to previously Neglected Areas within Your System. 

Steam Cleaning the System - After Degreasing and Scraping the System we use High Pressure Hot Steam to remove any existing grease from your system. Starting at the Exhaust Fan we melt away grease from Top to Bottom ensuring your Fan and Fan Blades are able to spin freely. Next up is Steam Cleaning the Exhaust Duct, We have Specialized Tools Specifically Designed for Removing Grease down Long and Complicated Exhaust Ducts for any Hood Cleaning in FL. 

Rinsing The Hood - We use Low Pressure Hot Steam to give a final rinse to your FL Kitchen Hood. We do not want to "Blast" the grease away as there are delicate components under the Hood Canopy which if triggered can signal your Fire Suppression to "Dump". Please Note: Heavily Neglected Systems may Require a High Pressure Cleaning to remove Years of Grease. Most Florida Establishments are required to be Professionally Cleaned at least Twice a Year. 

Polishing The Hood - Once your Kitchen Exhaust System is dry we Hand Polish the Inside and Outside of the Hood with a Specific Grease Resistant Polish to help reduce future buildup. Not only is the Polish we use Specifically Designed to leave your Kitchen Hood looking Shiny, it can also be applied to your Stainless Steel Backsplash and Appliances if necessary. 

Reinstalling the Hood Filters - After the Hood System is Thoroughly Cleaned and Polished we will Reinstall your Hood Filters and examine them for any deficiencies. If we notice any Neglected, Broken or Fragile Hood Filters we will be sure to Document our findings in our Job Service Report. If the Hood Filters are Too-Far-Gone we may refuse to clean them in the future and recommend the Restaurant Owner replace them before our next scheduled FL Hood Cleaning. 


Maintaining and/or Replacing the Motor – Your Commercial Exhaust Fan Motor is responsible for powering your Kitchen Exhaust Fan.  If the Belt or Bearings are neglected it could Temporarily shut down your Florida Kitchen. Service Calls can be Expensive and take Hours for a Service Tech to Arrive On Site, Greasing the Bearings and Changing the Fan Belts During the Kitchen Hood Cleaning will Prevent this type of Disturbance. If the bearings are too far gone Replacing them may be an option, Ask one of our Florida Hood Cleaning Techs for more Details.  

We work closely with Florida Amusement Parks and Zoos, Corporate Kitchens, Correctional Facilities, Family Restaurants, Fast Food Chains, Healthcare Facilities, Industrial Kitchens, Reception Halls, Retirement Homes, Universities & Colleges and Many More FL locations.

Is your restaurant safe?


Cooking Fires are a real threat, however, it can easily be avoided by periodically cleaning Kitchen Hoods, filters, fans and exhaust shafts. These services should be done professionally at least twice a year, as required by FL State law.


Remember, in the unfortunate case a restaurant catching on fire because of improper or lack of equipment professional cleaning, insurances companies can refuse to pay for damages. So why take the risk? Our team is here to help you 24/7, offering services during the day or overnight, which means, we will never interfere with your business hours.


Our mission is to make sure all local restaurants serviced by us pass all the fire inspections, keeping the kitchen a hazard-free environment for employers, owners and customers. Call us today to request your free estimate. 

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