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# 1 Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Specialists In Eastern Connecticut

Exhaust cleaning of a commercial kitchen is a specialty we offer throughout Eastern, CT. We clean commercial kitchen exhausts and make sure to provide before & after photos. Exhaust cleaning is a process that involves removing the grease that has accumulated inside the various components of a commercial exhaust system. If left unasserted, kitchen hood systems can become a major fire hazard. We offer a variety of commercial kitchen services such as Exhaust Cleaning Services in Eastern, CT, Commercial Deep Cleaning in Eastern, CT, and Kitchen Exhaust Fan Maintenance in Eastern, CT. Aside from the services we offer, we have Exhaust Cleaning Specialists and Hood Cleaning Specialists to make the work easier for you!

Hood Wrapping. Our Hood Cleaning Specialists’ wrapping technique is the best in the industry and prevents spills during kitchen hood cleaning. We are very strict regarding the disposal of the grease that was collected after an exhaust system cleaning. We do not discharge the wastewater down anywhere. The water is processed through the onsite grease trap. 

Apply The Degreaser. We thoroughly degrease the exhaust fan to ensure that it is in compliance with NFPA 96 and the Hood Cleaning Laws. The exhaust fan and Ductwork constantly build up more grease, and once they are thoroughly cleaned up, our Exhaust Cleaning Specialists will then begin degreasing the exhaust fan, the exhaust duct, as well as the hood. High Foam is used to degrease the kitchen exhaust system. This process will remove grease that has been eaten away.

Ducts Scraping. Aside from cleaning the exhaust duct, hand scraping the grease also helps in degreasing the kitchen exhaust hood. Our specialists have the proper tools and chemicals to clean any kitchen hood thoroughly. We clean exhaust systems and exhaust ducts with the right approach. If you are willing, we can even install access panels throughout the duct to gain access to previously neglected areas of your kitchen exhaust system. 

System Steam Cleaning. After degreasing and removing any grease from the system, we use high-pressure steam to remove any remaining grease from the exhaust fan. This is a step in the process of cleaning the exhaust ducts of your kitchen hood. We use specialized tools to get rid of these troublesome ducts. 

Hood Rinsing. We use low-pressure steam to remove all grease from the kitchen hood. However, we do not want to ‘blast’ the grease away since delicate components in the hood could trigger a fire alarm. Most establishments require a high-pressure cleaning at least twice a year to remove grease and other harmful substances from their systems.

Hood Polishing. After your exhaust system is dry, we hand polish the hood and inside of the exhaust with a specific grease resistance polish. Polish is a product that can leave your kitchen hood looking Shiny. It can also be applied to your kitchen appliances and backsplashes. 

Re-install Hood Filters. After thoroughly cleaning and polishing the hood, we will inspect the components of the hood for any deficiencies and we will install the appropriate hood filters. If there are any issues, our specialists are always ready to assess the problem and take action appropriately. If the hood filters are too-far-gone, we may not be able to perform proper cleaning and recommend replacing them.


Maintaining The Motor or Replacing It. The proper motor for the kitchen exhaust fan is responsible for running smoothly. If the components are not working correctly, this could cause the fan to shut down temporarily. Having a service tech arrive on site can be very costly and take a long time to complete. But, having the hood cleaned will prevent this issue. If the bearings are too far gone, consider replacing them. You can ask one of our cleaning specialists about the various options. 


Our kitchen exhaust cleaning specialists can work closely with many different establishments in the state of Connecticut. We offer our services from zoos and amusement parks to prisons and correctional facilities. We can help you create the perfect kitchen solution for your facility. Call us today or use the live chat button, an agent is standing by.

How Often Should Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Be Cleaned?

Generally, it's a rule of thumb that your kitchen exhaust should be cleaned at least once every three months. However, it can also depend on various factors. The NFPA 96 Standard requires that your kitchen exhaust system be regularly cleaned to prevent fire damage. This means that it should be inspected once a month or annually, depending on the volume of food that you cook.

There are specific frequencies that we need to follow in order to get the job done:

●    Prior to school, seasonal accounts are commonly used for various purposes. These accounts are used for preparing food, cleaning equipment, and preparing beverages. They should be cleaned yearly.
●    180 days prior to cleaning on all average restaurant kitchens.
●    A busy kitchen, hospital kitchens, typical hotels, or even a cafeteria should be cleaned every 90 days.
●    Fast food kitchens/Burger kitchens that have a 24-hour operation should be regularly cleaned every 30 days. 

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Is your restaurant safe?


Cooking Fires are a real threat, however, it can easily be avoided by periodically cleaning Kitchen Hoods, filters, fans and exhaust shafts. These services should be done professionally at least twice a year, as required by CT State law.


Remember, in the unfortunate case a restaurant catching on fire because of improper or lack of equipment professional cleaning, insurances companies can refuse to pay for damages. So why take the risk? Our team is here to help you 24/7, offering services during the day or overnight, which means, we will never interfere with your business hours.


Our mission is to make sure all local restaurants serviced by us pass all the fire inspections, keeping the kitchen a hazard-free environment for employers, owners and customers. Call us today to request your free estimate. 

We are located in Naugatuck, Clinton & Uncasville and Service ALL of Connecticut.


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