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Commercial Hood Repair in CT

Fan Motor Installation

We install both single-phase and three-phase kitchen exhaust fan motors that are compatible with CaptiveAire and Econ-Air exhaust fans


Bearing Installation

A loud fan is likely due to bad bearings. A properly running fan should be quiet, with the exception of a light motor hum. We carry all size pillow block bearings with cast housings and grease fittings.


Bearing Greasing

Preventative Maintenance is key when it comes to your exhaust fan. Keeping your exhaust fan bearings properly greased prevents grinding or having your bearings lock-up.


Hinge Kit Installation

In order to thoroughly clean any commercial kitchen exhaust fan an NFPA approved hinge-kit must be installed to safely access all areas.


Fan Pulley Installation

Fan Pulleys can also need replacement after some time. A rusted or misaligned pulley will wear down causing you to run through fan belts. 


Fan Belt Replacement

Making sure your fan belt is in its best working order isn't any less important than your other exhaust fan components. A properly running kitchen exhaust fan allows your kitchen to keep cool and smoke free.

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Available 24/7 for emergency & recurring restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Fan Repairs in Connecticut. We have the experience and skills necessary to service just about every type of exhaust fan that comes our way. With Superior-Clean, clients know exactly what to expect - professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results. 


A worn or broken fan belt is one of the most common reasons why your hood exhaust system isn't working properly. Many restaurant owners forget to change their fan belts on a regular basis. A broken fan belt may not only cause the kitchen to get extremely hot and smoky, It can also create a hazardous environment for your staff. Not maintaining this seemingly insignificant part can temporarily shut down your restaurant and lead to major headaches.


We recommend replacing your exhaust fan belt every kitchen exhaust cleaning. Superior-Clean will change your belt while we clean your hood system. We will agree on an exhaust fan belt replacement program so you can eliminate the extra costs and unexpected service calls.


Exhaust fan maintenance can be very challenging. These fans are usually heavy and can be difficult to move. Weather can also play a major factor when moving the fans as well. That’s why the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 96 fire codes require an exhaust fan hinge kit for rooftop ventilators. In (NFPA) 96 fire code it specifically states that all “approved upblast fans with motors surrounded by the airstream shall be hinged.” A hinged exhaust fan is much safer and easier for us to clean. 


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