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Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning in CT


Most establishments handle their own end-of-day kitchen cleaning. The restaurant staff will clean all floors and surfaces before they leave for the night but, slime and grime usually lies under tables and crevices unreachable to the average employee. Hiring a professional company for your commercial kitchen Heavy-Duty Cleaning saves you the embarrassment of the health department forcing you to hang a less than perfect food safety rating on the entrance of your restaurant.  


Fryer Grease can be very stubborn, is your staff having trouble cleaning the stainless backsplash or other highly visible components of your system? We have the expertise, and technique to bring it back to bare-metal. Deep Cleaning of Commercial kitchen equipment prices in Connecticut start around $1200, the average commercial kitchen could run anywhere from $1600-$3200 and can take up to 3 full days to thoroughly clean. Our crew specializes in commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning and deep cleaning of commercial kitchen equipment. 


Most of the greasy mess hides behind-the-line. Our team is properly trained to locate all shut off valves for gas lines and safely move heavy equipment around to thoroughly disinfect and steam clean the areas needed. We protect all sensitive components such as electrical motors, outlets and light fixtures with plastic sheeting to ensure working order on all pieces of equipment when completing any project.


From Ceiling to floor, Superior-Clean is here to help. We are trusted by local Pizza Places to Nationally Recognized Brands and Service Hundreds of Locations all over CT. We are confident we have the necessary skills to deliver a WOW effect every time. Does your location have built-up grime on your ceiling tiles? Call Superior-Clean Today for your Free Quote.


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